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At Alacrity Legal Services, we believe in providing fast, accurate, and affordable service of process to our clients. You can trust us to bring you more than your typical process server. Give us a try — call us today!



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 We’re proud that our team is not only educated on current laws and regulations, but has first-hand experience in the field. 

Nationwide Service of Process

We provide swift service of process throughout the nation. Headquartered at our offices in Mobile, Alabama, we have a vast network of process servers throughout the nation available to get the job done! 

Our experienced process servers know how to serve papers quickly and effectively. We understand the time-sensitive nature of process service and aim to help you begin the court process as soon as possible.


  • Top Notch Servers
  • Hands On Management
  • Rapid Service
  • Client Focused


 Service of Process

Ensure papers get to the proper parties in a timely fashion with our experienced team on your side! Process serving made easy with Alacrity Legal Services.

Notary Service

In Mobile? Our staff are licensed notaries. We’re here when you need us!

Expedited Service of Process

Not much time to find the other party? No problem! We can track down the recipient quickly!

Nationwide Service

Our team keeps the headache of service of process out of your hands and lets you focus on building your client base, no matter where the business takes you!


Allyson Jenkins
Republic Finance, Alabama Collections team


I was talking to Danielle (a colleague) sitting next to me about how you and your team always go above and beyond for us. Her response was, “Those are exactly the kind of servers we need!” I wanted you to know that Alacrity’s hard work never goes unnoticed. The 920 Alabama Collections Team at Republic Finance is so very thankful to have such wonderful people to work with! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better time to remind you?!? You and your team truly are a blessing and make coming to work everyday worthwhile. THANK YOU for everything!


We know that law firms, collections agencies, and businesses of all stripes benefit from professional process serving. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients and letting you know that we think of you as more than just a stack of papers!

Our founder has put his time into making us Alabama’s premier service of process company. From humble beginnings, big results have formed.

Because of this value, we’re always happy to go above and beyond for your company. We have the servers you need and always providing a personal touch to ensure that the work is done when you need it!



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